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You can build a camera obscura with a shoe box.

Keep going!

The lack of evidence to the contrary is itself evidence that your theory is probably right.

She lived there about five years.

We'll probably be a bit tired after the hike.

Maybe we should stop by and see Starbuck.

His biceps are huge.

England proper does not include Wales.

The church is surrounded by woods and lakes.

This cannot be called life.

Possession is nearer to him who has than to him who claims.

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I don't look forward to going to work.

I like to read before going to sleep.

My hobby is writing stories.

Sedovic has the information Judith needs.

Those cats always sleep on the carpet.


Pravin used to play the guitar, didn't he?

We had a sound sleep.

He retired from the company at the age of 60.

He didn't care about going to Heaven.

What have you done with her?

Have you made up your mind to come with me?

Science is trying to identify the strange animal.

I wish you a good journey.

It's not easy to figure out the cost.

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.

We've got to finish this job.


In 1995, Andou received architecture's most prestigious award.


I'm looking for a gift for a friend of mine.

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We won't ask anymore.

I'll be sixteen in September.

Julia isn't going to think that's funny.

I've never seen Sheila this angry before.

They didn't find him.

As I entered the bar, I heard a sad song playing on the jukebox.

Max leaned over and picked the coin up.


The whole neighborhood was surprised at the news.


It didn't break.


Welcome to my life.


My hobby is reading.


Have my eyes also started to fail?

Today's Kurt's birthday.

I was searching for food.


It has rained in the forest.

From now on, I'll try to help you with the work.

Let's get you home.

Was Manuel still there?

I'm frightfully chilly.

One thinks with one's brain.

Linda wanted you to know that.

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Can I add you on Facebook?

Val finally confessed to the killing.

Receive a cure from a doctor, learn from a wise man.


The streets are alive with shoppers.

I just can't believe you're planning to go to Boston with Bruno.

Those who eat to the point of indigestion or become drunk do not know how to eat or drink.

Where's the newspaper?

His first name was Kim.

Dorenda really is a nice girl. She shares her cookies with me.

Luis never had the chance to talk to Marco at the party.

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All things considered, he led a happy life.


Juergen got that nickname in high school.

Casey is in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Anyhow, lunch ... is where I wanted to go but I decided to go to the toilet first.


I wasn't scared at all.

His father approved of her plan.

I can't risk it.


Take us home.


Please don't eat in my car.


You have four dogs.

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The Puya Raimondi has a beautiful inflorescence.

He always behaved badly to me.

Ofer was my biggest inspiration.

I have to go meet Miriam at the mall.

I've never been under this much pressure before.


I need a flight departing from Milwaukee to Indianapolis leaving Monday before 8am.

She sells us dresses.

Keep me in the loop.


Do you want to go someplace?


His behavior puzzled me.

Tim Howard was the goalkeeper for the United States national team in 2014.

I had my umbrella blown off by the strong wind.

I ordered the book from the department store by telephone.

Agatha gave Tad a drink.

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Before I go to sleep, I listen to music.

It'll happen again if you aren't careful.

Is your sister swimming in the river?

I closed one.

We can't let Christopher find Panacea.

Is Merril also studying French?

Are you for or against his idea?

"Has Tony lost his reason?" "If there were what to lost..."

These motorcycles are the same type.

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You've been here before, haven't you?

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Thierry has recently become forgetful.

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I don't like running.

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The problem isn't them.


That box is bigger than this one.

He has a bicycle.

I don't want her in this room.

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I should be so lucky!

I used to wash my own car.

Old seems to know how to do it.

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The waiting car was big and black and shiny.


You don't look like a cop.

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You can't help them now.

I'm doing what's necessary.

I don't like this teacher; he always ignores my questions.


I want you to write to me as soon as you get there.

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Why are you siding with him?


He is a man of striking individuality.

The basement has been made over into a workshop.

When did you see Oskar?

Her constant complaining speech irritated me.

Come what may, I am determined to accomplish it.

She saw a boy kneeling by the altar.

No one had ever heard of that.

Please don't smoke inside.

The doctor receives his patients between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


The bottle contained wine.

Roses are beautiful.

The Iowa caucuses will be held soon.

Some Americans joined the Communist Party.

Am I really that bad?

Who published this book?

Nelken isn't qualified for that job.


I am not being guided


She may have missed the 7:00 train.


She loved me, as I loved her.

I was going to call them today.

It is certain that the price of gold will go up.

The cows grant us their milk, and the chickens grant us their eggs.

I wrote this song just for you.

Who's going to drive?

I just downloaded a lot of files.

You shouldn't talk to Jon.

Two Canadian sisters, Chloe Dufour-Lapointe and Justine Dufour-Lapointe won the gold and silver in the women's freestyle skiing moguls.

How could you not see me?

The patient got better little by little.

I don't know where Michael and Winnie met.

How crazy is Miriam?

Oooh, get a move on. We'll end up late! Come on, I'll tie your shoelaces for you.

In the end, because of the disease, he became unable to walk and had to use a motorized wheelchair to get around.

Everyone believed him.

She says she has no intention of having a baby until she's in her thirties.


Pilot underestimated Marie.

If you go underwater, hold your nose and blow to clear your ears.

His plans always sound great in theory but they don't work in practice.


Lying to Carl was a mistake.


A penny saved is a penny taxed.

I'm pretty sure Novo won't do anything crazy.

Where can I get a shuttle bus at the airport?


I don't feel like doing it.

It is a six hours' drive from Sofia to Varna.

Of course I know who he is! He's an incredibly smart boy.